Discover how to build a prospect list, meet new businesses and develop new corporate partnerships.


Find profitable businesses no one else is talking to, create long-term, sustainable partnerships with unrestricted income, turn community fundraising from businesses into corporate partnerships, and I promise there is no cold-calling (unless you love it). In just six sessions this programme will give you the technical skills to write a corporate fundraising strategy, PLUS the templates, policies and knowledge you need to become the successful, corporate fundraiser you want to be!


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You see other fundraisers find businesses to work with, why are you finding it so tough?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You recently picked up corporate fundraising and don’t know where to start
  • You are a generalist fundraiser and get pulled in so many different directions its hard to focus on corporate fundraising
  • You need to find new corporates to work with but don’t know where to look
  • You are not a popular cause, and don't know where to find businesses to support you
  • You are the only fundraiser in your charity and you feel lonely and unsupported at times
  • You aren’t sure what businesses want other than PR
  • You don't know where to meet the businesses on your prospect list
  • You don’t know how to make contact with business owners
  • You don’t have a strategy for your corporate fundraising

You’re not alone!

Chances are like most fundraisers you’re experiencing one or more of these scenarios.

But it doesn’t need to be like this

That’s why I’ve created Six Simple Steps to a Corporate Fundraising Strategy

A Corporate Fundraising Strategy is the most effective way to drive up your corporate income, in this Programme you will

  • Discover new ways to find businesses that could work with you
  • Find different ways to get in front of the businesses you want to work with 
  • Start building the most amazing prospect list
  • Explore the many ways your charity partnership can benefit the corporate partner as well as your charity
  • Discover the donor funnel 
  • Learn why an ethics policy and due diligence are essential to your corporate fundraising
  • Improve your networking skills, you may even learn to enjoy it
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What you’re getting inside my Six Simple Steps to a Corporate Fundraising Strategy Programme:

The Six Simple Steps Programme is a 6 module, step by step course. that walks you through the six steps to creating a corporate fundraising strategy.

  • Six modules to work through at your own pace, I would recommend one per month, but I know some of you will want to do them faster, so I’m giving you access to all steps from day one 
  • Templates for those essential documents you need for corporate fundraising
  • Commercial participator agreement
  • Ethics policy
  • Training videos for areas of corporate fundraising you may wish to develop
  • Examples of sponsorship packages, corporate packs, corporate slide deck 
  • Recordings of all my webinars from 2020 onwards, more than twenty webinars, worth £10 each.
  • Plus lots more BONUS content

Step 1 – Investigate what your organisation needs from a business partnership, in addition to cash. This module will help you to build better internal relationships and learn more about your charity.

  • What does the charity want from the partnership
  • What does your charity need
  • A template to record the needs of the charity

Step 2 – Focusing in on the companies that you want to work with, through filtering them in a systematic manner, I will teach you how to find your perfect partners

  • Define who you want to work with
  • How to find the companies you want to work with
  • Create your perfect business partner profile

Step 3 – Building a large prospect list, of cold contacts, from your preferred business groups using methods other fundraisers do not use

  • Where to look for businesses that fit your perfect partner profile
  • Where to look that others are not looking
  • Template for a prospect list to save you creating one

Step 4 – Find out about the fundraising model ‘The donor funnel’ and how to fill it with warm prospects. Understand the ratios that are crucial to hitting your income target

  • Where to look for your warm prospects
  • What does the donor funnel look like and why is it a useful model?
  • Work out your donor funnel ratios to achieve the number of corporate leads and contacts you need

Step 5 – Researching the corporates to follow up, giving you clarity and direction. This will include advice on free research tools and websites so you can carry out due diligence. PLUS my free guidance and examples for your ethics policy

  • Where to look to research the businesses that are in the second stage of your donor funnel
  • A free template for your own ethics policy, helping your organisation define the industries that could potentially be in conflict with the needs of your beneficiaries

Step 6 – Meeting your top ten researched prospects, including distinctive ways to stand out from other fundraisers that will enable you to create more corporate partnerships than you achieve now.

  • Places to meet businesses that are a little unusual
  • How to network at your local chamber of commerce
  • Which are the best networking groups for you
  • Template for managing your networking to meet your target businesses

Why you can NO LONGER AFFORD to miss out on putting together a Corporate Fundraising strategy

  • The longer you put off getting some training, the longer it will be before you get your first corporate partnership
  • Corporate income is worth £2 billion per annum to the third sector
  • Strategic partnerships provide income, volunteers, gifts in kind and so much more
  • Your investment in this programme will be returned with your first corporate partnership
  • Learning exactly how many ways you can work with corporates will open your eyes to multiple opportunities

Claire Warner’s research published in Fundraising Magazine in Spring 2020 found that 47% of fundraisers do NOT have access to the learning and development they need to do their jobs and that can have an impact on their mental health.

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What some of my clients have to say

Ruth Longville

Business Partnership Fundraiser - Mary Stevens Hospice

From the outset, the course opened up the world of fundraising and I started to see both it and myself very differently.  I was not a shy person, but I had a proper “imposter syndrome” and slowly but surely, I began to realise that I could, and I would be able to secure those all-important conversations and bring new business supporters into the Hospice.

At the end of the course, I had the skills and opportunities available to me because of the excellent modules and course work that I had undertaken through Julia.  

Julia is a goldmine of information


Bekki Fardoe - Area Fundraiser - Hope House 

I started the six simple steps programme as a relatively new assistant fundraiser with little experience in community fundraising and zero experience in corporate partnerships! The SSS programme is perfect for beginners as the structure is designed to take you through each module at a slow pace so you get time to learn, reflect and ask questions in the following meetings. Being a new fundraiser I also learnt so much from Julia’s coaching sessions which I believe I have subconsciously taken forward in my work.  I have continued to stay part of Julia’s collective group as the support received from the other members is great. No question is a silly question! 

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How Much does the Six Simple Steps to a Corporate Fundraising Strategy Programme cost?

The mistake many fundraisers, or their managers, make is they think the ‘do-it-yourself and learn as you go’ route is cheaper. What they don’t take into account is how slow and ineffective this can be.

If you haven’t had any training in corporate fundraising you could be making simple mistakes that are preventing you from winning a new corporate partner, and how much does that cost you?


The charity decides corporate fundraising is too difficult and brings in a consultant to do it, how expensive is that compared to this programme?

You can master my own brand of Corporate Fundraising Strategy in 6 instalments for just £83 or pay in full £497

PLUS, I have a six month money back guarantee

Your investment is fully backed by my six month money-back guarantee

Guarantee - If at the end of six months, you have completed all the worksheets and watched my training videos, and still have not improved your corporate fundraising I will give you a full refund


Bonus 1 -   The most important course you will ever do 'Understanding Stress and Building Resilience for Fundraisers'. The usual fee for this course is £197

Bonus 2 – Access to ALL the recordings of my webinars including 'Understanding Impact' & that big favourite, 'Commercial participator agreements'. 

Bonus 3 - The five part course 'The Psychology of fundraising'. This course will raise your fundraising to the next level.

Bonus 4 - £250 Discount on the recruitment of your next fundraiser from Charity People, see terms and conditions

Bonus 5 - £150 discount on a corporate partnership bundle, containing 5 legal documents, including a bespoke corporate partnership contract and a commercial participator agreement.

 (terms and conditions apply)

Frequently Asked Questions

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 Hazel Ditchburn - Oasis Community Housing


Twenty years ago I was a sole fundraiser, working for a small, young charity, the Trustees invested in my training and development, by doing so they gave me the knowledge and courage to try many types of fundraising, one of the courses was corporate fundraising, I loved it. It proved to be a hugely successful income stream for the charity. One of the best partnerships I developed lasted ten years, won several awards and generated income of more than ONE MILLION POUNDS, the ROI was phenomenal. I couldn’t have done this without the investment in my training.

This experience led me to a management role in a large, national charity, where the skills and experience of managing a multisite, six figure income partnership meant that I was considered ideal for not only corporate fundraising but also major donor fundraising.

My team became the highest performing regional team in the UK and we developed innovative ways of working with corporate partners, which I have been sharing with fundraisers ever since. 

Six Simple Steps Programme


Pay in Full

  • Six online modules  (six months access)
  • Two additional, free courses
  • Training videos
  • Partner offers
  •  WhatsApp group
  • Plus lots more BONUS content

Six Simple Steps Programme

Payment Plan

6 payments of £90

  • Six online modules  (six months access)
  • Two additional, free courses
  • Training videos
  • Partner offers
  •  WhatsApp group
  • Plus lots more BONUS content

Six Simple Steps Programme


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  • Six online modules  (six months access)
  • Two additional, free courses
  • Training videos
  • Partner offers
  •  WhatsApp group
  • Plus lots more BONUS content