Do you need new business contacts, but find networking difficult?

 These practical tips will help you overcome your nerves and meet the business contacts you need for success!

I Want The Top Tips

Meeting businesses that can support your charity is an essential part of being a corporate fundraiser, that’s why I’ve written this free pdf to help you get back to networking.

In the pdf you will find:

  • Practical tips
  • Easy to use ideas
  • Belief changing statements
  • Things you can do immediately
  • No preparation needed

I have been sharing these tips with fundraisers recently and this is what Vicky Wallace, from Rainforest Trust, had to say about them:

‘Tomorrow evening I am going to a drinks reception which will be my first in-person networking since covid. Our recent session on networking and the videos on Will Kintish’s website (which I wouldn’t have known about if you hadn’t told me) have helped me feel prepared – thank you!’

I Need These Tips Now

It’s been a long time since you were out face-to-face networking, even the most experienced fundraisers are finding they are nervous about going back to networking.

These simple-to-use, practical tips will help you get back out there meeting business leaders with confidence.

BONUS – In addition to your top Nine Networking tips, there are two bonus tips on how to follow up after the networking!!    

Send Those Tips To Me Please

Julia Worthington is known for her nurturing style of working with students, she gets the best from them by creating a comfortable space where the students feel safe to experiment, try new things, succeed and sometimes make mistakes. She encourages and stretches her students with a mixture of laughter, imparting knowledge and kindness, this allows them to thrive and flourish.