The Experienced Fundraiser Group

A unique professional development event

 Wednesday 15th November 10am - 4.30pm. 

Centurion House - Manchester. M3 3WR
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About this event

The Experienced Fundraiser Group is for you if you are;

  • Someone that has been working in fundraising or development for three years or more;

  • You would like to continue developing your skills

  • You see the importance of building supportive networks.


This small group meets to share experiences, in confidence, and learn from other senior leaders and fundraising professionals.

The day allows you to reflect on successes, seek support for those challenges that keep you awake at night, network with other experienced fundraisers and participate in, in-depth discussions about some of the biggest dilemmas that face fundraisers and leaders in the third sector.

This month 

Understanding cash-flow, investments, bonds & gilts for non-financial managers


Group Attendee Feedback

"I love the support and comraderie there is in the group, it’s like a drug, I can’t wait for the next one"

Head of Income  Generation PJH 

Julia Worthington created Amber Consulting for Fundraisers eleven years ago. Over the last five years she has specialised in training and coaching fundraising professionals. She has a passion for supporting fundraisers to be realise how amazing they are, and to help them become the best version of themselves.

Julia finds coaching charity professionals incredibly rewarding, helping the people that generate the income needed by charities is the most fulfilling work she has ever done.

‘Seeing the flash when someone has a realisation, that can transform something they have been struggling with for months, is the best feeling ever!’ – Julia

Known for her corporate fundraising training, the Experienced Fundraiser Group allows Julia to put that to one side, and explore her love of supporting fundraisers, and through her coaching making a difference to them both personally, and professionally.

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