Decolonisation of Corporate Fundraising

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Are you a corporate fundraiser at an International NGO?..................Then this webinar is for you!

How does your organisation ensure corporate fundraising is inclusive for your colleagues outside of the UK ?

Have you found that having one ethics policy, that encompasses all the cultural differences around the world difficult, no impossible to write?

In this webinar we’ll be looking at how corporate fundraising in UK-headquartered international development charities can inadvertently exclude fundraisers in Africa, Asia and Central and Southern America, and talking through ways to help make corporate fundraising work for *all* your colleagues, wherever they are.

‘Decolonising’ is a loaded term, but for us it just means active recognition that the views, language, and lived experiences of your colleagues in the Global South have equal – often more – weight when it comes to fundraising, especially if you’re raising money for their countries.

. We’ll aim to leave you with good anecdotes to take back and valuable practical tips for your own organisations.  

Jennie Gillions

Jennie started working in grants fundraising in 2008 after five years as a volunteers manager, and since then has secured £ millions from philanthropic, corporate and statutory funders for international development and UK non-profit organisations. She has an in-depth knowledge of the UK charity sector, and her experience ranges from being the sole fundraiser at a charity with seven employees, to being a grants specialist in a team of 35 at a global INGO. She’s currently a freelance consultant, specialising in fundraising policy, supporting fundraising leaders, and proposal writing.

Before going freelance Jennie was the Global Philanthropy and Corporate Partnerships Lead at ActionAid International, supporting ActionAid offices in more than 40 countries to develop and improve their fundraising. She also co-developed EU applications with offices in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, and worked extensively on global corporate fundraising policy and processes.

Jennie has a keen interest in fundraising language and inclusion, especially within international development, and donor psychology; in 2021 she gained a certificate in Philanthropic Psychology from the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy.

James Wangombe

James is currently a Business Development Advisor in the Institutional Funding Team at ActionAid International, based in Nairobi. He provides support to countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas to improve their sustainability through more effective local fundraising strategies and plans, ensuring fundraising is coherent and realistic.

Before joining ActionAid, James worked as the Funding and Programme Development Manager for East Africa at SAFERWORLD. His role primarily entailed identifying and pursuing high value funding from statutory, institutional and corporate donors who supported East Africa Programmes. He also worked at HIVOS as a Regional Programme Development Manager, where he was responsible for raising multimillion euro grants for various Women’s Empowerment and Reproductive Health programmes in Africa.

He is expert in strategic North South funding partnerships, aid localisation, Overseas Development Aid policies and trends and is a proponent of rights-based approaches to development programming, including decolonisation of aid. His interests include nonprofit organisations programme development/implementation, economic justice for youth including youth unemployment and underemployment in Africa, and technical capacity strengthening of local civil society organisations.

James is a self-trained renewable energy and biofuels enthusiast. He has a B.A Degree in Political Science and Communication and an MA in Project Planning and Management (MA.PPM) from The University of Nairobi, serves on non-profit boards for local CSOs in Kenya, and volunteers his time to community projects.

About this series

Are you looking for new ways to work with businesses? These webinars will help you discover fresh approaches to developing your corporate fundraising, both on and offline. Guests will share some tried & tested ways of working and some new ones that were developed during the Pandemic, they will also share their successes and challenges. All of this knowledge will give you new ideas and concepts to try for yourself that will improve your offering to corporate prospects, or current partners. 

Each month Julia will provide unique insight into what is happening in the business and the charity sector, she will update you on the current trends for business leaders, their challenges, new initiatives, and how the current economic situation is affecting their support of charities. She will demonstrate how your corporate fundraising can support businesses with their current challenges, helping you to access those opportunities.

Amber Consulting has access to over 3,000 fundraisers, this allows Julia to provide exclusive insight regarding issues in the third sector as they start to arise, giving you a finger on the pulse of not only corporate fundraising but other income streams too.  

This series of workshops will increase your confidence in virtual and actual fundraising with corporates. You will hear first-hand from fundraisers who have tried out new ways of working, they will share their triumphs and their failures, so you can take away the learnings and try them out at your own charity. There will also be business owners sharing the benefits they've gained from the partnership and some product suppliers who have great offerings that can assist your corporate fundraising.

These webinars will help you get ahead of many other organisations, and you will be able to start offering something special to your corporates in the next few weeks

Decolonisation of Corporate Fundraising

Purchase the replay £10