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Erman Housein


Erman Housein is an experienced corporate partnerships leader.  His career to date includes almost 20 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, managing partnerships with some of Europe’s largest travel businesses.  He has now spent the last 2 years working in the charity sector for Garden House Hospice Care as their Head of Business Development, leading their c

orporate partnerships and income generation teams

Building your Charity’s Corporate Brand – Creating Products to Appeal to Businesses

When Erman joined the charity sector he chose to use his knowledge of the commercial world to help him engage with businesses. The first question he asked myself was 'What would I have wanted from a charity partnership' and secondly  'What would a business have money in the budget for already, how can we re-direct some of that income into the charity?'

These questions and Erman's previous experience working in Sales & Marketing in the private sector, has helped him create a unique framework, that accesses funds from various departmental budgets, not just a businesses charity of the year pot!.

In this webinar we’ll be looking at how you can utilise your charity’s expertise and knowledge to develop “products” that will appeal to corporate prospects, as well as your existing business supporters.   

Erman said 'At our Hospice we have made some strategic decisions to expand and improve our corporate partnership offering, adding another dimension to how we can support our businesses.   I will be sharing some of these strategies with you, as well as exploring some of the different ways to develop a corporate offering beyond traditional charity partnership activity, including creating products and services that will generate new opportunities for you to engage with new corporate partners.'


About this series

Are you looking for new ways to work with businesses? These webinars will help you discover fresh approaches to developing your corporate fundraising, both on and offline. Guests will share some tried & tested ways of working, they will also share their successes and challenges. All of this knowledge will give you new ideas and concepts to try for yourself that will improve your offering to corporate prospects, or current partners. 

Each month Julia will provide unique insight into what is happening in the business and the charity sector, she will update you on the current trends for business leaders, their challenges, new initiatives, and how the current economic situation is affecting their support of charities. She will demonstrate how your corporate fundraising can support businesses with their current challenges, helping you to access those opportunities.

Amber Consulting has access to over 4,000 fundraisers, this allows Julia to provide exclusive insight regarding issues in the third sector as they start to arise, giving you a finger on the pulse of not only corporate fundraising but other income streams too.  

This series of workshops will increase your confidence in virtual and actual fundraising with corporates. You will hear first-hand from fundraisers who have tried out new ways of working, they will share their triumphs and their failures, so you can take away the learnings and try them out at your own charity. There will also be business owners sharing the benefits they've gained from the partnership and some product suppliers who have great offerings that can assist your corporate fundraising.

These webinars will help you get ahead of many other organisations, and you will be able to start offering Brilliant Corporate Partnerships to the businesses you work with.

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