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If you are on this page to find support with your wellbeing then you are in the right place. Fundraisers are amazing people and deserve to be looked after so that they can provide peak performance, without looking after your wellbeing you will find it challenging to perform at your peak.

You should go to work with a spring in your step, a sense of purpose, a feeling of being fully equipped to get out and raise funds.

I have developed several ways to support your wellbeing, depending on how much support you need and how much you, or your employer, are prepared to invest in your wellbeing.

  1. A facebook group - The Resilient Fundraiser, where you can get daily tips on how to look after your health and wellbeing. Talk to other fundraisers who want to improve their wellbeing or contribute your own tips.

2. A six week course that builds your knowledge about how to manage the the stresses fundraisers regularly face, tools and techniques to help you build resilience and create a healthy life balance. For more information click the link

3. Personalised one to one coaching, these sessions are focused on your specific needs. Over six sessions we work together to explore your values, beliefs and attain your goal. Click the button to find out about the various types of 121 coaching on offer.

You work in the third sector, where you spend your life raising funds to ensure your beneficiaries have better lives. That should not mean that you are stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and undervalued.

I believe fundraisers should be equipped with everything they need to do their job and these should include:

  • The equipment e.g. phone, laptop

  • The space e.g. a desk

  • The Training 

  • The leadership

  • The physical and mental support

It seems that many organisations struggle to provide all of the above. I have created wellbeing products for fundraisers at various prices, so that everyone can access some kind of support.

If you are unemployed or struggling to access the support I offer, please do get in touch. I do offer a limited number of bursaries each year. 


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