Corporate Fundraising during a Pandemic

Understanding Commercial Participator Agreements with Jane Montague

Jane Montague

Jane Montague is well versed in the world of corporate partnerships. As a Director of her family’s business, Majestic Publications, and MD of her own consultancy, Jane Montague Consultancy, Jane helps both national and local charities around the UK develop their corporate relationships and strategies.

 Working with the Third Sector for the last 20 years, Jane has become a recognised specialist in charity brands, Commercial Participation and other corporate partnerships, helping her clients to ensure that they are compliant with charity law and protecting their brand.  Known for her humour and straight talking,

Jane also makes it her business to try and support the charities that she works for, taking on a number of charity challenges each year to help them raise money. Her husband ensures that the life assurance policies are up to date. 

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About this series

Are you looking for new ways to work with businesses, with the yo-yoing in and out of lockdown and Tiers. This free webinar will help you discover fresh approaches to developing your corporate fundraising, both on and offline and it will improve your knowledge. Guests will share their tried & tested new ways of working and share their successes and challenges. All of this knowledge will give you new ideas and concepts to try for yourself, that could improve your offering to corporate prospects, or current partners. 

This series of workshops will increase your confidence in virtual and actual fundraising with corporates. You will hear first-hand from fundraisers who have tried out new ways of working, they will share their triumphs and their failures, so you can take away the learnings and try them out at your own charity. There will also be business owners sharing the benefits they've gained from the partnership. 

Virtual fundraising is how many of you will need to work for much of the next six months and in all probability is here to stay in some form. In 2021 I expect it to become a significant income stream for many charities. If you learn all you can and get involved now, you will be ahead of many other organisations, and will be able to start offering something special to your corporates in the next few weeks.