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Get ready to go from hopeful but frustrated to a motivated, focused and fearless fundraiser

Do you try to do everything and keep everybody happy?

Do you end up feeling like you don't have time to do anything properly?

Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated?

Are you heading for BURNOUT?

Are you on the hamster wheel of relentless activity, juggling multiple income streams, running events, writing press releases, applying to trusts, thinking up new initiatives, running appeals and campaigns?

This membership can help you to prevent burnout and find ways of saying no! PLUS so much more.


Would you like to have access to some shortcuts, free resources and support from other fundraisers? Would you like to have a team that you can discuss your challenges with and share your successes?


Would you like somewhere you can discuss an idea and get input from other fundraisers who can  act as a sounding board?

Would you like a safe place where you can talk through the competing priorities in your unique role and how sometimes it can all be a bit too much?

Would you like some professional development training from an award winning and experienced fundraiser? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions keep reading!

Taking time out for advice, support, encouragement and professional development will make you more efficient, you will be calmer, less stressed and have access to resources, knowledge and expertise that will all make your job a lot less challenging.

That’s why I’ve created a membership group that will have your back, where you can meet other fundraisers in the same position as you and know that you are not alone. Through the membership you will find support, advice, collaboration, free resources, professional development AND become part of the best fundraising team EVER! It's called The Fundraisers Collective and is just £26 a month.

All fundraisers love outcomes, so what will yours be?

1. You will feel included and involved in a brilliant, positive team.

2. You will feel less isolated and alone.

3. Your confidence will improve.

4. You will be inspired to create new income sources

5. You will feel calmer and more focused.

6. You will feel empowered by knowing someone always has your back.

7. You will have your very own team of Cheer leaders!


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Professional development is often expensive, and many charities don’t want to invest in their fundraisers training. Fundraisers need ongoing professional development; how can you keep up with the ever changing sector if you don’t get any training?

That’s why the first step in The Fundraisers Collective membership is to provide ongoing professional development through group coaching and the Q & A sessions where we will look at:

  • benchmarking your charity,
  • why are my personal values important,
  • Setting realistic targets & goals
  • How should Corporate/ Individual Giving/Events/ community/Grants/ Major-Donor fundraising interact?
  • Choosing your top 5 income streams
  • Income Audit


At every session there is a time to reconnect in breakout rooms, you are encouraged to bring along something you are proud of to share with others, or something you need support with.

At every session there is a mental health check in, and if it is something the team can help with we will provide you with support or signpost you to alternatives.

These sessions are super useful and because it is on zoom you get so much more out of it than asking a question on fundraising chat

In addition, there are monthly networking sessions, when we have more time to share what is going on at work and in the wider fundraising sector, the state of the job market, career development and so much more.


You will be part of the best fundraising team ever.  PLUS you will have access to support, knowledge, encouragement, a sounding board and someone with a genuine concern for your well-being.

To thrive you need to grow and to grow you need to be in an environment that supports your development. The Fundraisers Collective will allow you to thrive in your role and become a motivated, fearless, and focused fundraiser.

Group Sessions will normally take place on Tuesdays (Coaching) Wednesday (Q&A) and Thursday (Networking) but may be subject to change.



  • Huge library of resources
  • Templates for sponsorship, ethics policies and more
  • Monthly Group Coaching & Q & A sessions
  • A networking session to talk about anything that is bothering you
  • Dedicated Members area with additional resources
  • Access to Fundraising Expert Julia Worthington MCiOF (Dip) with over 25 years experience

Bonus 1.  A private WhatsApp group where you can ask questions, share successes and catch up with the team.

Bonus 2. A weekly planner to help you get on top of your to-do list and who does not love new stationery?



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