Get ready to go from hopeful but frustrated to a motivated, focused and fearless fundraiser

(It’s the quickest and most effective way to get the support you need to achieve more results in your fundraiser role!) 

Inside The Fundraisers Collective, you’ll get the support you deserve with amazing resources including: 

  • A place to explore & resolve challenges and ask for support 

  • A huge library of time-saving templates 

  • Free resources, regularly updated 

  • A regular, meaningful, check-in on your mental health 


Have you sat there with a to do list that never gets done and ideas going round and round in your head, as you try to work out what to do first? Have you experienced procrastination freeze, where nothing gets achieved? I’ve been there and so have most of those motivated, positive, fundraisers I mentioned earlier, how did they change from frustrated to focused, procrastination to motivation?

THIS IS THEIR SECRET……………… They have discovered a ‘Home Team’ that supports them, allows them to de-stress and have fun, share their highs and lows, helps them when they are stuck and celebrates when they succeed. The Fundraisers Collective is that 'Home Team'

Once you are inside TFC we offer you a place to talk, ask questions and discover new ways of working. It could be you want to get clarity by talking through the thoughts that are going round and round in your head, or maybe you’ll want to share a success with people that ‘get’ fundraising and the many challenges it brings, when one person celebrates a success you can feel the joy within the group. Whatever it is you want to do, there are plenty of opportunities to meet other fundraisers on Zoom and talk through all of the above and more……………..

You will be with people who understand the rollercoaster of fundraising and can help you navigate the highs and lows, offer a friendly face and ear when things get tough, or raise a glass to celebrate an achievement whatever its size. It’s somewhere you feel amongst friends, who care about you, the warmth of the group is tangible.  

As well as being a nurturing, encouraging, and friendly place to be, The Fundraisers Collective is practical with the principle of Learn, Share and Thrive. You can only thrive if you have confidence and feel psychologically safe and I’m big on making you feel safe. Other people sharing their initiatives will inspire you and trigger your own ideas.

Learning manifests in many ways inside The Collective, there are monthly mini-training sessions however, you could also get your learning from brain storming ideas with people outside your organisation, who understand the parameters you have to work within and who will have their own knowledge to share and of course the huge library of video training can be accessed at any time.

I’m in, I want to join the friendly Fundraisers Collective!

Life as a fundraiser is incredibly rewarding but it’s also really tough..... 

If you’re like most fundraisers, you could be feeling close to burnout, unsupported and stuck in a hamster wheel of activity; I know first-hand that it can be hard to see the wood for the trees sometimes. Perhaps at times, you’ve even wondered about leaving the industry despite your love and passion for the work you do.  

Having been a fundraiser for many years myself, I understand the challenges completely. 

That’s why I decided to set up The Fundraisers Collective. It’s a community for fundraisers who are ready to get regular, consistent and focused support that sets them up for consistent success in their role.  

How much longer are you prepared to wait to finally get the support you need so that you can be motivated, focused and fearless every day, instead of worrying (even when you’re not at work) about how you’ll achieve everything you’ve set out to do?  

As a member of The Fundraisers Collective, you’ll be equipped with the resources and tools so that you can feel: 

  • like you have more time 
  • calm and focused 
  • listened to and respected 
  • you're the expert in the room and recognised as such 
  • able to say 'no' and to stick to boundaries 
  • empowered by knowing someone has your back 
  • like you have a safe space to ask questions 

You give so much to other people, isn’t it time you gave something to yourself to alleviate the burden? 


Now you may be wondering: 

‘What happens inside The Fundraisers Collective?’ 

Here’s a rundown of the 3 core principles that flow through everything we do inside The Fundraisers Collective: Learn, Share and Thrive.  


Professional development is often expensive, and many charities don’t want to or simply can’t afford to invest in training for their fundraisers. But without any ongoing professional development, how can you keep up with the ever-changing sector and learn the latest strategies and methods to support your success?  

That’s why a big principle inside The Fundraisers Collective is LEARN. As part of your membership, you’ll receive ongoing professional development through group coaching and Q&A sessions focused on: 

  • Benchmarking your charity 
  • Why personal values are important 
  • Setting realistic targets & goals 
  • How Corporate/ Individual Giving/Events/ community/Grants/ Major-Donor fundraising should interact 
  • Choosing your top 5 income streams 
  • Income Audit 


Life as a fundraiser can sometimes be a lonely journey and maybe you feel like it would be nice to have a safe space where you can discuss ideas, get input from other fundraisers who can act as a sounding board or talk through the competing priorities in your unique role. 

That’s why our second principle inside The Fundraisers Collective is SHARE. In this special community, you’ll be part of the best fundraising team ever with a group who will have your back. Through online Zoom sessions, you’ll meet fellow professionals who are in the same position as you and you’ll know that you’re not alone. As part of your membership, you’ll be able to: 

  • Attend sessions with breakout rooms, where you can talk about something you’re proud of, or something you need support with. 
  • Receive a mental health check in at every session, where you’ll be supported and signposted to other avenues for help where appropriate. 
  • Come along to monthly networking sessions, where we have more time to share what’s going on at work and in the wider fundraising sector, the state of the job market, career development and so much more. 

Group sessions normally take place on Tuesdays (Coaching) Wednesdays (Q&A) and Thursdays (Networking) but may be subject to change.


Through the first 2 principles, LEARN and SHARE, you’ll already be on the path to becoming a motivated, fearless and focused fundraiser. Our final principle, THRIVE is what ties everything together because:  

  1. You’ll be part of the best fundraising team ever 
  1. You’ll have access to professional development to support your success 
  1. You’ll receive support, encouragement, and genuine concern for your well-being 

To truly thrive you need to grow and to grow you need to be in an environment that supports your development and makes things easier. This is why you’ll also receive these extras as part of your membership to make your job easier: 

  • A huge library of time-saving templates 
  • Free resources, regularly updated 



What the Members Say

Hazel Ditchburn MCIOF (Cert)
Corporate Relationships Manager

“I decided to join the Fundraisers Collective after completing the Six Simple Steps programme with Amber Consulting. This course made such a positive impact on me, it was so refreshing to be part of a group of other people in the sector who understand your area of work coupled with the knowledge, experience and supportive coaching from Julia. I didn’t want this to end and so joining the Fundraisers Collective was a no brainer.

Anna Kerr
Fundraising and Development Manager

The Fundraising Collective is a brilliant resource for anyone who needs extra support in the busy, sometimes stressful world of fundraising.  The group is a compassionate space where I can share ideas, learn from others and get a slice of ‘me time’ and develop my skills.  Julia is a brilliant facilitator, I can’t recommend her group and 1:1s enough!

As an award winning and experienced fundraiser, I’ve helped countless professionals to Learn, Share and Thrive in their role, now it’s your turn! 


But you may be thinking ‘all this support sounds expensive!’ 

And that is where you would be wrong! 

In fact, membership for The Fundraisers Collective is only: 

£26 per month! 

Yes, you read that right, for just £26 per month, you get full access to everything inside The Fundraisers Collective. 

How do you usually reduce your stress levels and how much does that cost you? 

Perhaps you have a break and buy a coffee? - £1.95 per day, £9.75 per week or £40.95 per month 

Perhaps you go to the Gym or take a Yoga class? - £7.50 per week or £30 per month 

These could work to a certain extent, but what if you could achieve stress reduction and focused support alongside a community who just ‘gets it?’ All for just £26 per month. And that’s not all. To make it an even easier ‘yes’ decision for you, there is no minimum membership length after the first month.  


The Fundraisers Collective is for you if: 

  • You try to do everything and keep everybody happy 
  • You end up feeling like you don't have time to do anything properly 
  • You feel overwhelmed and frustrated 
  • You feel like you’re heading for burnout 
  • You’re on the hamster wheel of relentless activity, juggling multiple income streams, running events, writing press releases, applying to trusts, thinking up new initiatives, running appeals and campaigns 

All fundraisers love outcomes, so here are the outcomes you can expect: 

  • You’ll feel included and involved in a brilliant, positive team 
  • You’ll feel less isolated and alone 
  • Your confidence will improve 
  • You’ll be inspired to create new income sources 
  • You’ll feel calmer and more focused 
  • You’ll feel empowered by knowing someone always has your back 
  • You’ll have your very own team of cheerleaders! 

Let’s recap what you’ll get as a member of The Fundraisers Collective: 

For just £26 per month, with the option to cancel at any time, you’ll get: 

  • Ongoing professional development through group coaching and Q&A sessions 
  • Networking sessions to explore ideas and share challenges 
  • Mental health check-in at every session 
  • A huge library of time saving templates 
  • Free resources, regularly updated 

So now it’s time to make a choice……. 

Do you want to keep feeling frustrated, not having clear boundaries, never having the opportunity to learn the latest fundraising strategies and always feeling isolated? Or are you ready to take time out for advice, support, encouragement and professional development that will make you more efficient, calmer and less stressed? And all with access to resources, knowledge and expertise to make your job a lot less challenging? 

If you’re ready to make the change and receive the support you deserve, then let’s do this and I’ll see you inside The Fundraisers Collective! 



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