Strategy for Fundraisers

Professional Consultancy, Mentoring & Coaching for Corporate Fundraising and Fundraising Strategy



This programme provides 12 months of support to those who have never written a strategy and need some informal, practical, 121, training and guidance. The guidance will help you understand the crucial elements that need to be explored when writing a fundraising strategy, or a corporate fundraising strategy, and which tactics to use to put the strategy into action.

Why this approach?

Over the time I have been a consultant I have discovered the most successful way for strategies to work is to involve the fundraiser every step of the way. Many consultants, and I was one of them, can be contracted to come into the organisation and DO a strategy. The strategy is completed, handed over to sit on a shelf and get dusted off occasionally when a funder asks for proof of a fundraising strategy.

This programme uses a collaborative way of working, with a combination of consultancy, mentoring and coaching that provide you with knowledge of strategy writing and support for your ideas. You get an experienced, qualified, award winning, professional fundraiser who can provide insight, sector benchmarks and new ways of working. The collaborative approach means that the knowledge is shared with you, providing professional development and a strategy. Two outcomes for the price of one!

How does it work?

You and I will carry out a fundraising audit exploring, amongst other things, the organisations data, case for support, ethics policies and current donors. This information will provide the building blocks to develop a strategy. The strategy can usually be written by the end of the first few sessions,  Subsequent sessions will be used to develop the action plan, a budget, an income pipeline and to start delivering the income.

Each month we will meet to discuss any challenges or opportunities, new initiatives and income received. You have your own personal 'Director of Fundraising' to bounce ideas off, who will have alternatvie perspectives and introduce new ways of resolving issues, but most of all, to celebrate your successes with!!

‚ÄčThe programme takes 12 months to complete, the fee is £650 per month.

Total investment for the twelve sessions £7,800.

 Corporate fundraising can take roughly 12 months before you  start to see income generation, with this coaching and mentoring you will be able to take it on yourself at the end of our 12 month programme, with confidence and ease.


I understand this can be a big commitment for a small organisation. If you would like to book a 'Discovery Call' to find out more about  how this particular programme of support works, please get in touch

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