Discover how to build a prospect list, meet new businesses and develop new corporate partnerships.


Find profitable businesses no one else is talking to, create long-term, sustainable partnerships with unrestricted income, turn community fundraising from businesses into corporate partnerships, and I promise there is no cold-calling (unless you love it). In six months this programme will give you the technical skills to write a corporate fundraising strategy, and the coaching that will help you to become the confident, successful, corporate fundraiser you want to be!

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You see other fundraisers find businesses to work with, why are you finding it so tough?

 Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You recently picked up corporate fundraising and don’t know where to start
  • You are a generalist fundraiser and get pulled in so many different directions its hard to focus on corporate fundraising
  • You need to find new corporates to work with but don’t know where to look
  • You are not a popular cause, where do you find businesses to support you
  • You are the only fundraiser in your charity and you feel lonely and unsupported at times
  • You aren’t sure what businesses want other than PR
  • You don't know where to meet the businesses on your prospect list
  • You don’t know how to make contact with business owners, if you don’t like cold calling
  • You don’t have a strategy for your corporate fundraising

You’re not alone!

Chances are like most fundraisers you’re experiencing one or more of these scenarios.

But it doesn’t need to be like this

That’s why I’ve created Six Simple Steps to a Corporate Fundraising Strategy

A Corporate Fundraising Strategy is the most effective way to drive up your corporate income, in this Programme you will

  • Discover new ways to find businesses that could work with you
  • Find different ways to get in front of the businesses you want to work with 
  • Start building the most amazing prospect list
  • Explore the many ways your charity partnership can benefit the corporate partner as well as your charity
  • Learn about the highest performing charity/corporate partnerships and how you could use their techniques
  • Gain insight from a Chartered Institute of Fundraising Academy trainer and award-winning corporate fundraiser with more than 25 years’ experience
  • Meet fellow fundraisers who are in the same situation as you
  • learn from other fundraisers and share your experiences of what works and what doesn't
  • Improve your networking skills, you may even learn to enjoy it
  • Work on your personalised ask for that first meeting
  • Have plenty of opportunities to resolve tricky issues at the Q & A sessions
  • Have the opportunity to join group coaching sessions and learn about the psychology of donors and what makes them give
  • All sessions are recorded, so you can watch later if you miss one, or want to be reminded of the content
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What you’re getting inside my Six Simple Steps to a Corporate Fundraising Strategy Programme:

The Six Simple Steps Programme is a 6 module, step by step course. that walks you through the six steps to creating a corporate fundraising strategy.

  • Six modules to work through at your own pace, I would recommend one per month, but I know some of you will want to do them faster, so I’m giving you access to all steps from day one 
  • Six group coaching sessions, one a month, to look at the psychology of fundraising and the donor
  • Six Q & A sessions for those queries that arise when trying out something new
  • A deep dive 121 for some of the challenges you are facing
  • Peer to Peer support through membership of the  ‘Six Simple Steps WhatsApp group
  • Plus lots more BONUS content

Step 1 – Investigate what your organisation needs from a business partnership, in addition to cash. This module will help you to build better internal relationships and learn more about your charity.

  • What does the charity want from the partnership
  • What does your charity need
  • A template to record the needs of the charity

Step 2 – Focusing in on the companies that you want to work with, through filtering them in a systematic manner, I will teach you how to find your perfect partners

  • Define who you want to work with
  • How to find the companies you want to work with
  • Create your perfect business partner profile

Step 3 – Building a large prospect list, of cold contacts, from your preferred business groups using methods other fundraisers do not use

  • Where to look for businesses that fit your perfect partner profile
  • Where to look that others are not looking
  • Template for a prospect list to save you creating one

Step 4 – Find out about the fundraising model ‘The donor funnel’ and how to fill it with warm prospects. Understand the ratios that are crucial to hitting your income target

  • Where to look for your warm prospects
  • What does the donor funnel look like and why is it a useful model?
  • Work out your donor funnel ratios to achieve the number of corporate leads and contacts you need

Step 5 – Researching the corporates to follow up, giving you clarity and direction. This will include advice on free research tools and websites so you can carry out due diligence. PLUS my free guidance and examples for your ethics policy

  • Where to look to research the businesses that are in the second stage of your donor funnel
  • A free template for your own ethics policy, helping your organisation define the industries that could potentially be in conflict with the needs of your beneficiaries

Step 6 – Meeting your top ten researched prospects, including distinctive ways to stand out from other fundraisers that will enable you to create more corporate partnerships than you achieve now.

  • Places to meet businesses that are a little unusual
  • How to network at your local chamber of commerce
  • Which are the best networking groups for you
  • Template for managing your networking to meet your target businesses

Why you can NO LONGER AFFORD to miss out on putting together a Corporate Fundraising strategy

  • The longer you put off getting some training, the longer it will be before you get your first corporate partnership
  • Corporate income is worth £2 billion per annum to the third sector
  • Strategic partnerships provide income, volunteers, gifts in kind and so much more
  • Your investment in this programme will be returned with your first corporate partnership
  • Building your confidence as a corporate fundraiser is part of this programme
  • Learning exactly how many ways you can work with corporates will open your eyes to multiple opportunities

Claire Warner’s research published in Fundraising Magazine in Spring 2020 found that 47% of fundraisers do NOT have access to the learning and development they need to do their jobs and that can have an impact on their mental health.

- This training supports you and your professional development over six months, with a mental health check in at every one of our Zoom sessions.

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What some of my clients have to say

Vicky Wallace
Fundraising Manager - Rainforest Trust

Just wanted to say thank you for all your support so far and I’ll definitely still be joining in with the coaching activities when you’re back.

Thanks for helping me to save more acres of rainforest for creatures like these… 

Paula Senior
Fundraising Officer - YMCA Burton

I spoke to my manager yesterday about our session and how we need some time to talk and think of our donors differently.

Really enjoyed my session and it has had a very positive impact on my thinking. Thank you  

Alex Murdock 
Corporate Fundraiser - Cancer Fund for Children

'It was a fantastic session! Thank you. Myself and my colleague Sarah have taken away some ideas that we hope to expand on to overall develop and deliver an even better corporate partnership experience.

Thank you for the great insights. Really looking forward to the next session. 


Having joined the fundraising world following 20 years of working in commercial roles in industry, I was looking to expedite my learning  

and meet others in similar roles to network with and learn from. Six Simple Steps offered fantastic value for money and was honestly one of the best things I could have done. Whilst my job title is Relationships & Marketing Lead, as part of a small hospice fundraising team, I tend to get involved in most things, including events. The opportunity to share best practice, ideas and also off load a little when things felt challenging was invaluable. I've gone on to join Julia's Fundraiser's Collective and gain huge value from meeting with colleagues in the sector on a regular basis. 

Lyn Hatch -Relationships & Marketing Lead  - St Teresa’s Hospice


I started the six simple steps programme as a relatively new assistant fundraiser with little experience in community fundraising and zero experience in corporate partnerships! The SSS programme is perfect for beginners as the structure is designed to take you through each module at a slow pace so you get time to learn, reflect and ask questions in the following meetings. Being a new fundraiser I also learnt so much from Julia’s coaching sessions which I believe I have subconsciously taken forward in my work.  I have continued to stay part of Julia’s collective group as the support received from the other members is great. No question is a silly question! 

Bekki Fardoe - Area Fundraiser - Hope House 

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How Much does the Six Simple Steps to a Corporate Fundraising Strategy Programme cost?

The mistake many fundraisers, or their managers make is they think the ‘do-it-yourself and learn as you go’ route is cheaper. What they don’t take into account is how slow and ineffective this can be.

If you haven’t had any training in corporate fundraising you could be making simple mistakes that are preventing you from winning a new corporate partner, and how much does that cost you?


The charity decides corporate fundraising is too difficult and brings in a consultant to do it, how expensive is that compared to this programme?

This is your chance to learn from me, an incredibly experienced corporate fundraiser, so you can exceed even your own expectations of what can be achieved from Corporate Fundraising.

You can master my own brand of Corporate Fundraising Strategy in 6 instalments for just £83 or pay in full £497

PLUS, I have a six month money back guarantee

Your investment is fully backed by my six month money-back guarantee

Guarantee - If at the end of six months, you have completed the worksheets and attended group coaching and still have not improved your corporate fundraising I will give you a full refund

Bonus 1 -  FREE early access to the course 'Understanding Stress and Building Resilience for Fundraisers'. The usual fee for this course is £197

Bonus 2 – Access to the recordings of the  2020 & 2021 webinars, not available to attendees of the webinars. 

Bonus 3 – Examples of Corporate Sponsorship documents, ethics policies, Commercial Participator agreements and many more

Bonus 4 – A notepad for your learnings and journaling during the six months of the Six Simple Steps Programme

Bonus 5 -A cute Olly the Owl pin badge

Bonus 6 - A special offer for your corporate partners from

Bonus 7 –Surprise bonus that will be posted to you when you sign up.

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As a sole fundraiser working in a homeless Charity, my focus had been community events & fundraising. In March 2020 and the start of Covid, I realised that my role had to change and the way we worked needed to incorporate other income streams. I met Julia through attending some of her top tips online sessions and really enjoyed her style of delivery and her vast knowledge about the sector is to be admired.

I lacked confidence in corporate fundraising and knew I needed some training and to meet other fundraisers working in similar roles. I joined the six simple steps programme, and it has been fantastic. The skills & confidence I developed really helped me to understand this area much better and to develop a focus on this area of work.. I met some amazing fundraisers on the course that I am still in touch with, and we are on hand to offer support and help each other out if necessary. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to develop their knowledge & confidence and Julia’s delivery was the perfect pace.

Paula Senior - Fundraising & Partnerships Manager

Twenty years ago I was a sole fundraiser, working for a small, young charity, the Trustees invested in my training and development, by doing so they gave me the knowledge and courage to try many types of fundraising, one of the courses was corporate fundraising, I loved it and the combination of the training, my experience working for corporates before joining the 3rd sector and my personality traits meant that it proved to be a successful income stream for the charity. I developed a partnership that lasted ten years and generated income of more than ONE MILLION POUNDS, the ROI was phenomenal. I couldn’t have done this without the investment in my training.

This knowledge led me to a Regional fundraiser job in a large, national charity, where the skills and experience of managing a multisite, six figure income partnership meant that I was considered ideal for not only corporate fundraising but also major donor fundraising.

My team became the highest performing regional team in the UK and we developed innovative ways of working with corporate partners, which I have been sharing with fundraisers ever since. 

I went through a period of time when I believed fundraising was no longer for me, a friend persuaded me to join her on a group coaching programme, it was fun, I learnt so much about myself and others, it helped me to explore what I loved about fundraising and reignite my passion for this marvellous sector.

Since becoming a consultant and coach I have specialised in working with charities that have an income of less than £3million. I have a particular love for corporate fundraising, I believe absolutely in the power of corporate social responsibility to transform a corporate culture, and that a great charity partnership benefits both organisations in multiple ways.

As a coach I find great fulfilment in seeing people develop both professionally and personally through the coaching process. For five years I have run a coaching group for fundraisers and have been told many times how much the group has helped people who were feeling demotivated and constantly challenged,  often on the brink of leaving the profession.

 Creating this programme, with its group coaching element, means that I can support more fundraisers to become their most brilliant selves, which in turn makes me fulfilled and happy.

The Autumn Course will be available from 13th October and our first coaching session is on Tuesday 15th November.

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