Discover how one fundraiser at a small charity went from struggling to generate enough money to keep services open, to a laser focused approach that brought in new supporters and increased income.

If you’re a fundraiser, you already know that it’s hard to say no to people that want to support your charity, they often have new ideas on how to raise funds and before you know it, you have agreed to take on their idea and you are juggling multiple income streams. 

Unfortunately, most struggling fundraisers are on the hamster wheel of relentless activity, running events, writing press releases, applying to trusts, thinking up new initiatives, running appeals and campaigns and have little time to plan.

If you don’t know how to say no to lots of new ideas and end up with a scattergun approach you will waste time on trying to do everything and keep everybody happy and end up feeling like you don’t do anything properly, you may also feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the lack of focus.

That’s why I’ve created a membership group that will help you increase your income, improve your fundraising and help you become a focused, fearless, fundraiser, it’s called the Fundraiers Collective and is just £19 a month.

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