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The secret weapon that makes corporate donors WANT to GIVE

Would you like to become a fund-raising superhero? You don’t even have to scale tall buildings, wear Lycra trousers or put your underwear on the outside. In fact, all you really need is passion for the cause. I’m not talking about ‘enjoying what you do’ or ‘liking your job’ – I’m talking about real passion, the sort that means you’re completely engaged with the cause and can persuade others to become engaged as well.

You don't have to wear a cape - unless you want to!

We all like to feel that we’re part of a team, of something bigger than ourselves, and that’s the same for companies as it is for individuals. “Be part of the team turning this piece of wasteland into a recreational area for disadvantaged children” is a much stronger message than ‘please give us £500 to buy a few plants”. Don’t stop at that, though – your client might like to donate staff skills or time to the project, as well.

Good fundraising is all about sharing your values and matching them to your donor’s values. It may sound obvious, but the first step is to be really clear about what your values are. Once you know exactly what you’re aiming at, you can research businesses that share the same values – whether that’s helping the local community, raising awareness of a particular cause or reducing a carbon footprint. Once you’ve found the right business to partner with, you should fit together like the pieces of a jigsaw. ‘Selling’ your charity should be easier, as you’ll both be starting on the same page – and you’ll soon have your client sharing your passion for the cause.

If you’d like to find out more about how to get started as a corporate fundraiser, our Corporate Fundraising Toolkit for Beginners has everything you need. Click here

to find out more.

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