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Corporate funding partnerships are becoming less about money (this might shock you)

These days, corporate philanthropy is no longer about charities holding out a hand and companies filling it with cash. Businesses are in a position to support charitable donations because they operate in a business-like manner, at a profit. Increasingly, there’s more and more pressure to quantify all results, including donations, and companies are finding that working together with a charity is more satisfying and brings about more lasting social change than just signing a cheque.

Companies are now including social change in their business models, rather than ‘farming it out’ to charities. This way, they feel engaged and are producing results that are directly measurable. For example, car manufacturers are carrying out research into sustainable transportation and environmental impact, and working to reduce their carbon footprint.This doesn’t mean, though, that fundraisers should just give up now in despair. It means that we have to work harder to create a bespoke offering for the client that’s going to support and enhance their own corporate social responsibility (CSR). In short, it means we need build stronger, more mutually beneficial relationships where the company can see an increased value and the charity gets the support it needs.

For example, Belgian lager brand Stella Artois have been running their hugely successful ‘buy a lady a drink’ campaign since 2015. For every multipack sold, they guarantee safe, clean drinking water for six months for someone in the developing world. The campaign has generated huge publicity for the brand – but the actual logistics are taken care of by their charity partner

These days, it’s no longer enough to be working on behalf of a really good cause – you also need to understand how to sell it as a brand. That’s one of the things our Corporate Fundraising Toolkit for Beginners is designed to teach – and it’s available at a SPECIAL OFFER PRICE for a limited period only. Click here to find out more.

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