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Booth Centre increased their corporate income by 56%; Here's how...........

Using my tried and tested corporate toolkit, I worked with The Booth Centre to help them build their corporate income, the income increased by more than 50%, with one fundraiser running all of the fundraising function and the marketing & Communications. Online course Corporate fundraising toolkit for beginners can help you do the same

How did they do that?

By building sustainable relationships, that involved multiple levels of interaction with the companies, from volunteering, providing gifts in kind, donations, involvement in challenge events such as the Manchester 10k and having a clear strategic approach to supporters.

The charity grew the income organically at the beginning, taking support from whoever offered it, by becoming more strategic about the approach, they were able to develop long-term relationships that means income for more than one year. The Booth Centre now understands the importance of working across all income streams to build a relationship with a business.

The business may be interested in staff volunteering at the centre, taking part in an event such as the Manchester Sleepout, asking their staff to donate cans of food or socks for the people that use The Booth Centre or to have the charity as their charity of the year and raise money in-house that supports homeless people in Manchester.

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How to meet the businesses

The Fundraiser, goes out and networks with Manchester businesses, attends awards dinners to thank supporters and meet new prospective supporters, the charity has a strong case for support and knows the kind of businesses it is looking for.

Having the confidence to say no

Now that they have a clear strategy, the charity can redirect enquiries that don’t fit with their strategy. All corporate support is treated with respect, but it is also reviewed in light of the strategy and the overall ethos and culture of the charity. The charities values run through the fundraising strategy as much as through the operational strategy. Each visitor to the centre is treated as someone that has opportunity, aspirations and needs, no-one is labelled ‘a homeless person’, this informs the corporate relationships too.


The idea of asking a business that wants to volunteer, by painting a room, or clearing a garden, to financially support that activity is all too often considered unacceptable, not only by the business but also by the charity. How ethical is it to ask a charity to offer you free team building, whilst taking their staff away from the day to day fundraising or operational activity?

Where would you accept donations from? Tobacco companies, nuclear waste, fracking, weapons manufacturers, pharmaceutical, alcohol, gambling etc….

These ethical considerations should be part of a robust corporate fundraising strategy, working with the Booth Centre, we discussed all these matters as part of their strategy.

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