Corporate Fundraising during a Pandemic

Creating simple small business partnerships

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Veronica Bamford-Deane

Veronica Bamford Deane

Managing Director - Work for Good

Alongside leading the business strategy of the business, she leads a team of purpose driven fundraisers and professionals who are determined to help charities raise sustainable income through small business sales.

Prior to Work for Good, Veronica worked in the third sector for seven years and has experience of working for both major and small charities including University development offices, within fundraising at Save the Children and managing the military charity, and online ticketing platform, Tickets for Troops.

Work for Good helps fundraising teams and charities to enhance their small business fundraising stewardship and empower their supporters to fundraise in a more flexible way with a supporter friendly Commercial Participation solution.

The session will cover:

  • Why small business fundraising is not a passing trend
  • How charities who have been embracing their small business supporters during the pandemic are successfully raising income and increasing their supporter base
  • Why you should be starting to think about Christmas and the enormous small business fundraising opportunity that this brings
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About this series

Are you looking for new ways to work with businesses, with the yo-yoing in and out of lockdown and Tiers. This free webinar will help you discover fresh approaches to developing your corporate fundraising, both on and offline and it will improve your knowledge. Guests will share their tried & tested new ways of working and share their successes and challenges. All of this knowledge will give you new ideas and concepts to try for yourself, that could improve your offering to corporate prospects, or current partners. 

This series of workshops will increase your confidence in virtual and actual fundraising with corporates. You will hear first-hand from fundraisers who have tried out new ways of working, they will share their triumphs and their failures, so you can take away the learnings and try them out at your own charity. There will also be business owners sharing the benefits they've gained from the partnership. 

Virtual fundraising is how many of you will need to work for much of the next six months and in all probability is here to stay in some form. In 2021 I expect it to become a significant income stream for many charities. If you learn all you can and get involved now, you will be ahead of many other organisations, and will be able to start offering something special to your corporates in the next few weeks.