The Experienced Fundraiser Group

A unique professional development event

 Wednesday 6th July 10am - 4pm. 

Creating influence – an insight into Impact

Manchester - Bloc Meeting Room, 1 Marble Street, Manchester. M2 3AW

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About this event

The Experienced Fundraiser Group is for you if you are;

  • Someone that has been working in fundraising or development for three years or more;

  • You would like to continue developing your skills

  • You see the importance of building supportive networks.


This small group meets to share experiences, in confidence, and learn from other senior leaders and fundraising professionals.

The day allows you to reflect on successes, seek support for those challenges that keep you awake at night, network with other experienced fundraisers and participate in, in-depth discussions about some of the biggest dilemmas that face fundraisers and leaders in the third sector.

This month 

Creating influence – an insight into Impact - Kate Slack BSc (Hons) - Consultant

When it's time to tell your story or showcase what you do, are you able to get your message across in the most effective way...?

Getting clear on impact and effective impact communication to your target audience has real benefits from effective networking, strategic marketing, successful fundraising applications, and increasing donor engagement to creating and sustaining the right corporate partnerships.

Group Attendee Feedback

"I love the support and comraderie there is in the group, it’s like a drug, I can’t wait for the next one"

Head of Income  Generation PJH 

Kate founded Cempta Charity Solutions consultancy in January 2020 to inspire and empower leaders of small organisations to create a bigger and better impact on the world.   Cempta delivers strategic consultancy supporting small charities and small businesses to collaborate, grow and fulfil their potential.

A former Board Director, Kate has a consistent record in creating commercial, marketing and partnership strategies to achieve purpose and vision through stakeholder engagement, brand awareness and income generation. 

Kate started her career as a Cardiac Nurse in the NHS, delivering quality patient-centred care through effective communication and collaboration. Using these skills, she successfully transitioned into the world of sales, marketing and business development and now brings a unique perspective to her consultancy work, with over 20 years’ commercial experience in public, private and third sector organisations. 

With extensive experience working both in and for small to medium enterprises, Kate understands the opportunities and challenges specific to a smaller working environment.  She is passionate about the contributions that charities make to society, the economy and the environment and the impact that can be achieved by cross-sector partnerships which share a clear social purpose.

Kate also lends her skills in a voluntary capacity to Cheshire Connect, North West Charity Events Foundation Trust and has Trustee experience with charities that reflect her passion for health and wellbeing.

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