Strategy Coaching 

Helping you raise funds effectively, efficiently & affordably.

Amber Coaching specialises in working with the fundraiser in your organisation to create a fundraising strategy that is appropriate for your size, income and resource. The strategy will maximise the charities potential and provide sustainable income.

These realistic & highly supportive coaching programmes make your fundraising the best it can be, simply choose the one that best suits your needs, or get in contact for something more bespoke.

Cost-Effective Coaching

for those that already have a strategy

This programme helps you to maximise the potential of your existing fundraising strategy, by performing an initial diagnostic, to identify strengths & weaknesses of your current fundraising strategy, before monthly coaching to review your progress, and discuss any challenging situations you may be experiencing in your role.

We guarantee this programme will increase your skills and make your fundraising strategy more effective.

This programme takes 6 months to complete, the cost is £109 per month.

Total Investment £654. 

Total Coaching

for those that have never written a strategy

The ultimate coaching package for those that have never written a fundraising strategy, this programme helps you to create an effective fundraising strategy from scratch, that will generate an accountable return on investment.

We will perform an initial diagnostic, where we will assess what your strategy needs to do, how it will sit within your organisation, and what objectives it should have. Then, every month, we will have a half day one to one strategy session to develop each section of the strategy, exploring the foundations that need to be in place, and the process of creating a successful strategy step by step.

At the end of the 6 months, you will have a fundraising strategy that is built on strong foundations, to make it as successful as possible.

The programme takes 6 months to complete, the cost is £512 per month.

Total Investment £3,072.

Professional Mentoring & Support

for Capital Appeals or Major Donor fundraising

This programme provides 12 months of support to those who have never run this type of fundraising and need extra support to understand the mechanics of capital appeals or major donor fundraising.

We will carry out a fundraising audit and develop a strategy in the first 4 sessions, the subsequent sessions will be used to develop the action plan, a budget, an income pipeline and start delivering the income.

Each month we will meet face to face and discuss any challenges or opportunities, new initiatives and income received.

The programme takes 12 months to complete, the cost is £650 per month.

Total investment for the 12 sessions £7,800.


A Capital Appeal can take longer than 12 months, with this coaching and mentoring you will be able to take it on yourselves at the end of our 12 month programme. 

If you would like to find out more about any of our coaching packages, or would like to create something more bespoke, please get in contact.


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