Time for Change

Do you know the 4 steps of change management?

How to manage successful change As we’ve discussed in other posts, all organisations need to adapt and remain flexible to survive in today’s difficult economic climate. Relying on outdated financial models and single streams of income is no longer an option for charities who face increasing demands on their budget. Change can be unsettling, and […]

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The Power created by Planning!

Was your New Year’s Resolution to be more organised? If so, then you’re not alone – in 2015/16 it was the second most common resolution. Unfortunately, only around 10 per cent of us actually see our resolutions through, mostly because we put too much pressure on ourselves and try to change too much at once. […]

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Generally Wonderful Fundraising: how to be an all-round expert

As professional fundraisers, we’re already quite specialised in our careers. If you work for a large charity, you’re likely to be even more specialised, you may deal with only corporate supporters, or event organisation. While it’s great to know our own area inside out, we run the danger of being so close to the canvas […]

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