Fundraising to build sustainable not-for-profit organisations.

Having worked in not-for-profit organisations for over 17 years, Amber Strategic Fundraising Consultants have built up extensive expertise, knowledge and understanding of how to help, improve and grow an organisation. We can help put in place effective fundraising strategies, that will deliver income now and in the future.

Amber’s intrinsic culture and approach is to provide support to develop a team through coaching and mentoring, to empower them to take action and make decisions that will benefit the organisation for the long-term.

We know that without support in developing private sector income streams, many not-for-profit organisations will not be able to survive. In the face of ever increasing pressures, developing new initiatives is a must.

Amber understands the culture of not-for-profit organisations. One of Amber’s special qualities is the ability to think out of the box and initiate new ideas to create unique opportunities for donors.

A key objective of Amber’s is to work alongside an organisation’s team. We will provide direction and the helping hand needed to develop an organisation’s fundraising methods and techniques to enable it to be self reliant, self sufficient and sustainable.

We are here to help your organisation grow.

Associate Fundraising Consultant for:

  • Attend Academy
  • International Fundraising Consultancy                       Best Strategic Fund Consultancy 2014